Converter API for Developers

Use converter api to make your website more fancy with rich music content. Here are two API widgets to choose from:
  • Searcher Widget
  • OnPage Conversion Request API
Fuzna API has no limits, you can use them unlimited. Read the descriptions below, They are really simple to use.

Searcher Widget

  • This searcher box works the same way with Fuzna home page. Both youtube url or song title can be posted.
  • The result is shown in a new window for better user interaction
  • It's all responsive to support both your mobile and desktop visitors
  • All YouTube video url types are supported (video id, regular video url, shortened url and also search keyword supported). Your visitors won't miss any queries
Test a query at the example below to see how it works!

How to use Searcher Widget

Fuzna built this searcher box for minimal skill requirement. Just copy & paste the code below to your web page where you want it to appear.
It's also possible to resize the searcher box widget. Update the attribute 'max-width' of the div element in the code according to your needs. Default max-width value is arranged to 470px. You can use static values or change it to 100% to expand it to the parent element width.

CODE: API Basics

  • Take one of the responsive API codes
  • No limit with API usage
  • Instant conversion supported
  • Minimal coding skills needed
  • No popups at widget, only a single link unit
Use our addon for easiest mp3 conversion