Addon for Browsers

We provide 2 types of addons / extensions for you that make conversions much easier:
  • FireFox Addon
  • Bookmark Button
Fuzna browser extensions are very user friendly, ad-free and extremely fast. Choose the one that is suitable for you. We recommend the firefox addon.

Firefox Addon

This addon places a fuzna button below youtube videos which triggers a mp3 conversion of the current video when clicked. It's simple and extremely fast!
  • it's verified by mozilla
  • no ads in extension
  • secure install from mozilla extension page

Add to FireFox

How to use FireFox Addon

When this addon is installed, find the music video at and click on the addon button just below the video. Youtube to mp3 converter addon will do the rest :)

Bookmark Button for all browsers

You can use this button for nearly all browsers. It also works as fast as our firefox addon above.
No install required for this button, just drag the button below and drop it to your bookmarks toolbar. If you don't see your bookmarks toolbar, you may activate it from your browser settings.

How to use Bookmark Button

After you drag & drop the button to your bookmarks toolbar, it's immediately ready to work. Find the music on, then while on youtube video page, click on the bookmark button you have placed. will convert the youtube to mp3 instantly! Addons

  • 2 addons to choose from
  • Both addons are ad-free and secure
  • Instant mp3 conversion supported
  • Very user friendly
Use our addon for easiest mp3 conversion